Our Story

The Joy Of Beautiful Hair 
 Bjoie wants to encourage you to take more time for yourself and embrace luxury within your everyday life. We believe that being luxurious is more a mindset and a state of being. 
As a Parisian hair care brand, we are proudly inspired by our city of fashion, luxury and love. 
Life can be very hectic sometimes in a big city like Paris. We want to bring bliss and joy to your daily hair routines and woke up your sassy inner Parisienne.

Inspired from 5 star hotels 
We are a five star hotel inspired hair care line.
Do you know that feeling when you’re on holiday, taking a good long bath, doing your self-care routines with bathrobe on ?
We love good self care routines and we wanted to 
re-create this 5 star experience through our products to your daily life. Feeling the joy to take care of your hair.
Five star hotels are properties that offer their guests highest levels of luxury in all levels. Bjoie got inspired by five star hotels, specially the ones from our home town, Paris. Those calls you to take fully care of yourself and surrender to the mode of relaxation.
5 stars is not only luxury but full experience, living in that moment and bliss.
A note from brand creator
Bjoie’s story started with my personal experiences with hair products in my hair salon and of course constant traveling in many countries through the globe.
As an professional hairstylist and salon owner, i got that burning desire for years and years to create something special for hair care industry. I wanted to create brand with safe and natural ingredients, but deliver best of the best which works in every hair type and texture. From fine hair to curly 4C. Not the easiest mission but I love challenge.

Based on research in my salon clients daily, I wanted to create the products which actually do the work, products which makes less harm to our environment but also the products which gives us that special feeling every time we use them.
Personally, I thought that it should be and feel like you are in Parisian 5 star hotel spa. Feeling that special moment of the day by styling and taking care of your precious locks.

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